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Reviewing Test Cases Support

Is there a way of making reviewing test cases easier?

We can mark the tests ready for review, but would be easy if we have some GUI support to add the review comments to the steps or description.

We don't have to rely on other tools to send review comments etc if it is supported in PT itself.

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  • yamit commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I agree. when I exam different tests managers it look like no one support this important feature.
    I want to be able to review the tests and add comments like developer review code in git.

    Christine, the comments are not in the same tab with the steps.
    Think about the next scenario:
    1. Someone from my team wrote test with 30 steps.
    I'm reviewing the test and I see typo in step 2, I want him to elaborate step 5, I have question
    about step 7, I want him to move step 10 to be after step 12...

    lets say I wrote it in one comment in the other tab
    2. The author fix step 2 he add some information about step 5 but he not sure if this is what I meant so he ask me 2 questions about step 5, he answer the question about step 7, and he missed I asked to move step 10, he fixed another 3 comments and ask another 3 questions about my comments in steps 27 and 29.

    3. I answer him the questions, remind him to move step 10 ...

    4. he changes some steps but he doesn't write exactly the steps he fixed, just "I fixed the path you asked and add more information"

    Now imagine more than one person review this test...

    The scenario above is very common, the issues in this scenario are:
    1. The comments are in another tab
    2. The comments are for the entire test
    3. You can't mark comment as fixed/resolved
    4. You can't delete comments

    How I see it:
    1. Add the ability to start conversation under step
    2. A conversation is made of comments
    3. you can mark conversation as done (hide the conversation)
    4. The action you can do to the comment:
    4.1. The author: create, edit, assignee to a person, delete
    4.2. Everyone else: mark as done (hide the comment)

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